Why Using Social Media Is a Good Thing for Your Church

in Social Media / 16 Jul 2018

Many churches across the world are becoming aware of the importance of having a social media presence and engaging the online community. Yet, there are some churches who see social media as a distraction and waste of time rather than an effective tool for ministry.

While it’s true that social media has its shortcomings, embracing it does not necessarily mean embracing its negatives. When used responsibly, social media can add immense value to your ministry. Keep reading to know why some renowned church leaders consider social media to be a powerful tool for the Kingdom. 

social-media-church“It (social media) is here to stay and will only multiply in its capacity.”
– Ravi Zacharias

We couldn’t agree more with world-renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias. Given social media’s power to connect people around the world, it makes perfect sense to leverage it for the Kingdom. In an interview called Isn’t Facebook evil?, Ravi Zacharias says, “Take the same medium, harness the same medium, and use it as a builder of bridges for peace and goodwill and communication”. 

It’s true that social media has its drawbacks, just like any other medium of communication. However, it is up to us to use it responsibly. As Zacharias says, “The only thing you need to do to dispel the darkness is to turn on the light”. In other words, when your church embraces social media, it has the potential to shine a new light into this digital world.

What better way for your church to impact the online community than by being the light in the world of social media?

“Christians have always been on the forefront of communication technology.”
–  Ed Stetzer

History shows us that Christian leaders have not shied away from using the latest technology to spread the Gospel. For example, Martin Luther used the movable typewriting press to make God’s word more accessible, Aimee Semple McPherson used radio broadcasting to spread the message of Jesus and Billy Graham used television for evangelism.

Ed Stetzer explains how these and many other Christian leaders have leveraged technology for the Kingdom. All of them used the latest technology as a stepping stone to ‘go to the people’, instead of expecting people to ‘come to church’.

We can also do the same with the help of social media, which is the most popular channel of communication of our time. Did you know that 134 million people are meeting on social media? Just as Apostle Paul went to popular meeting places to preach the gospel, the church must do the same today.

If your church shuns social media, it will get disconnected from the community that it’s meant to reachIn fact, here are five key social media statistics that your church can’t ignore.

Wouldn’t you like to make a difference in the online community by joining the conversation on social media?

“A refusal to take advantage of at least some forms of social media is essentially a refusal to engage an entire generation.” – Albert Mohler

It is said that there is a vast disconnect between the church and the youth. One of the reasons is that the church fails to speak in a way that is relevant to this generation. This is where social media can help to bridge the gap so that churches can connect with today’s youth.

In the words of Tim Challies, “Christian leaders are finding that if they are to have a voice in the current generation, they need to have a voice that includes at least some forms of social media”.

Social media is not only the fastest way to communicate with the community, but also the best way for your church to connect with the youth. In fact, here are five creative ways your church can use social media to upgrade its youth ministry.

Are you ready to embrace social media as a tool for the Kingdom?

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