3 Reasons Why Your Sunday School Needs to Use This App

in Technology / 03 Sep 2018

With 40+ interactive Bible stories filled with adventure and activity, it’s no wonder that the Bible App for Kids has won the hearts of millions around the world. In fact, the popular children’s Bible app is soon to hit 25 million downloads!

However, there’s more to this app than just the Bible stories. In fact, the Bible App for Kids offers a holistic package of online resources that will inject fun into your children’s ministry. What’s more, all of these resources are available for free!

Are you ready to take your Sunday school ministry to a whole new level? If so, this blog post is just right for you. Continue reading to see what the Bible App for Kids has in store for your children’s ministry.


The best way to teach kids effectively is to keep them engaged! Well, the makers of the Bible App for Kids – YouVersion and OneHope – have designed a 24-unit curriculum that actively engages kids to enhance their learning experience.

These units incorporate stories from the Bible App for Kids and also use techniques like creative play to teach kids about God’s Word. In addition, each unit is packed with resources and guides to help teachers focus on one story over the course of a month. This gives children ample time to soak in key biblical lessons and become stronger in the Word.


Here’s a list of resources that each of these units offers:

  • Worship songs: This bundle includes a set of original, license-free songs by LifeKids. You can download the audio and video files as well as the lyric sheets for these songs.
  • Message videos: Each module includes exciting videos that re-enact different Bible stories from the app and take kids on a biblical adventure. In fact, these videos not only make God’s word spring to life, but also feature fun characters who teach Bible lessons and verses to the kids.
  • Adventure books: This set helps teachers conduct their classes in an interactive manner. You will find different activity ideas and material – such as colouring sheets, picture cards and story cards – to make learning a fun process for your Sunday school kids.
  • Teaching guides: Each unit comes with guides to help teachers prepare and plan their classes better. You can download discussion pointers, age-wise teaching guides and a manual on how to use these resources effectively.

Apart from the Bible stories, you will also find four modules curated by NewSpring Church in South Carolina, USA. What makes these modules special? For starters, they bring Scripture to life through active and dramatic play. Moreover, each of these modules caters for different ages, large and small groups as well as kids with special needs.

For instance, the module Reindeer Radio uses drama as a technique to teach kids about Christmas. Not only does this module provide all the ideas for the play, but also a truckload of resources to help teachers run the session smoothly.


In fact, each module is packed with the following resources:

  • Preparation material: This bundle is loaded with everything that teachers need to prepare for their classes. Right from a manual on how to use the modules to a detailed guide on how to prep for the different sessions.
  • Support material: This section will give your Sunday school teachers access to a whole arsenal of material, right from songs and videos to scripts.
  • Week-wise study material: Each unit includes a detailed week-wise plan for both large and small group sessions. This plan also gives teachers suggestions on the best ways to split their classes into groups.

You can also preview these resources before downloading them. Would you like to get a glimpse of what’s in store for your kids’ ministry? Check it out right here!


There’s something for teachers too! The online curriculum from Bible App for Kids provides training for teachers for both preschool and early learning stages. These resources will show your teachers how to use the curriculum and also plug them into a community of fellow teachers from around the world.

Would you like to explore the Bible App for Kids’ curriculum for your children’s ministry? Go ahead and check it out right here.

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