How This Bible App Introduced Jesus to Millions of Kids

in Technology / 31 Aug 2018

With 25 million downloads and raving reviews from parents, the Bible App for Kids has won the hearts of many across the globe.

Rev. Jim Craig, a writer at Premier Christianity, rated this app as the best for kids below the age of 7 years. To add to that, a mother of a four-year-old said, I feel like this app gave her the confidence to testify who and what she believes in”.

So, what makes this app so special and loved? More importantly, how is this app bringing kids to enjoy reading God’s word? Keep reading to find out!

bible-app-kidsFrom the makers of the ever-popular Bible app – YouVersion – and OneHope, a ministry seeking to bring God’s Word to every child, comes the Bible App for Kids.

Designed for kids aged between 2 and 6 years, this app is loaded with 40+ biblical stories, striking visuals, engaging touch-screen animation, memorisation activities and more – all to achieve this ultimate goal to show that God has a purpose and plan that originates from the beginning of time,” as said by Rob Hoskins, CEO of OneHope. 

Need more reasons to fall in love with this app? Take a look at four ways the Bible App for Kids encourages children to hide God’s Word in their hearts:


Biblical accuracy was non-negotiable to the makers of the app. However, the stories had to be retold in a way that would be easy for kids to understand. That’s why a team of editors and a theologian came together to ensure that the stories were easy for kids to follow and understand.

The stories on the app include In the Beginning and The First Sin, which introduce kids to Adam and Eve, show them how God created the world and explain how sin was born, in very simple words. Watch The First Sin as on the app here.

In the story, In the Garden, kids will not only hear Jesus’ prayer, but also see His sweat become like drops of blood, as mentioned in the book of Luke.

bible-app-kidsThe app even simplifies concepts such as ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ and ‘Armour of God’ to help kids grasp the basics. 


One of the key focuses of this app was to make the delivery of the message as wonder-filled as Disney, as fun as Angry Birds and as engaging as ABC Mouse and Leapfrog,” according to Rob Hoskins. So, a team of illustrators, designers and composers came together to create a delight-filled experience for kids in the app.

The Bible App for Kids is loaded with touch-screen animation, dynamic narration and life-like figures that make stories come alive. For example, kids can touch the screen to build the ark with Noah and his family, part the Red Sea with Moses, watch the house on the sand collapse and much more on this app.


The fact that families spend less than an hour with each other every day is least encouraging. Well, the Bible App for Kids can help turn things around for the families in your church!

The app offers specially curated resources that will help parents and kids connect and spend time together exploring God’s Word. Parents can find ideas for engaging activities and thought-provoking questions to help kids reflect on lessons learnt on the app. Families can even watch video episodes and sing along to familiar tunes.

So, why not introduce this app in your church to encourage families to spend more time together?


Did you know that 80% of learners said that they would be more productive if their learning or job was more game-like? With activities and trivia questions within each story, this app certainly makes learning Bible verses fun and interactive.

Activities such as ‘Story Mixup’ prompts kids to recreate the correct order of the story by rearranging the order of images. What’s more, the Bible stories on the app are displayed in an interactive map, allowing kids to follow the transition of stories.

All in all, the Bible App for Kids does a great job of retelling key Bible stories, encouraging kids to enjoy reading God’s Word and memorising it. So, why not introduce the kids in your church to this app?

In fact, you can even take advantage of this opportunity to claim your free Bible App for Kids gift pack (if you can be among the first 20 respondents).

So, click the below button and tell us where to send you this gift pack that includes a Storybook Bible, bumper stickers and labels! Don’t forget to reach out to us on Facebook and share how your kids used the gift pack and the app!

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