Pastor, Here’s Why You Need to Start Blogging Today

in Blogs / 21 Mar 2016

 Pastor, did you know that your blog can help you fulfill the Great Commission? After all, there’s no better way to reach people today than by tapping into the digital world. In fact, a blog offers several fantastic benefits for pastors and ministry leaders like you. Keep reading to find out!

pastor-india-blogs-abideWhile a few pastors are using blogs to influence and reach out to the world, this trend is yet to go viral. Here are six compelling reasons why you need to start blogging right away:


Your blog will be where you can dig deeper and stress on points that may not fit in a 30-minute sermon. You could share examples that you didn’t have time to include in your sermon, or relevant insights that you come across later on in the week.

Your blog will also serve as a platform to share what is on your heart – whether it is an inspiring nugget of truth, a new insight or an encouraging verse. By allowing readers to comment and ask questions, your blog will open up the way for a two-way interaction rather than the one-way download of a Sunday sermon.


Did you know that in 2015 there were 3 billion Internet users in the world? What’s more, Internet users spend nearly 10 hours online every day! Today, people are thinking, seeking, asking and engaging on the Internet. The church, too, can have a voice in this space – through your blog.

Pastor, you now have the opportunity to reach out to thousands, many of whom will probably never enter a church building! A well-designed blog can carry the Good News to numbers that are impossible to reach on the ground.

You can use your blog to proclaim the Gospel, tell powerful testimonies and share teachings that address the needs of our times. This alone is good enough reason for you to start blogging regularly, isn’t it?


Ongoing communication is key for any relationship to thrive. The church is no exception. A blog will give your congregation the opportunity to hear from you regularly – not just on Sundays. You can also use it as a tool to minister to your flock and feed them with spiritual nourishment throughout the week.

As you share your thoughts, God moments and struggles, your congregation will also get to know more about the person that their church leader is. By allowing your readers to post comments and questions, your blog will pave the way for you to answer their queries and minister to them individually. What better way to engage your flock regularly?


Blogging will also give you the platform to recommend other great articles, books, quotes and sermons that would benefit your readers. This will help you connect with other Christian bloggers and leaders who think along the same lines and grapple with similar struggles.


As you must already know, writing is an important discipline for those who lead God’s people. It clarifies your thoughts and lets you focus on God and His thoughts. It also allows you to sieve through new ideas and concepts. Your blog can be the ideal platform to share what God has put on your heart with the world.


Early Christianity was spread by circulating letters. Till today, Christians across the globe are blessed and fed by these words written hundreds of years ago.

Similarly, teachings that you share on your blog can be valuable resources for future believers. Do consider blogging regularly to create resources so that the generations to come can read them and run. (Habakkuk 2:2)

You never know how God will use your blog. If you remain faithful and regular in your blogging and seek to bring God glory through your writing, He will surely use it to impact many lives!

Do you have a blog already? If yes, do tell us how it has helped you and your ministry. If not, then consider setting up one at the earliest. In fact, here are five simple steps to help set up a pastor’s blog right away!

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