8 Questions Your Church Website Needs to Answer

in Websites / 18 Jul 2016

There are many people out there who are looking for a church to call their home. They could be families that are new to the city or young adults in search of a church where they can fit in. How can your church connect with this audience? Keep reading this blog post to answer that question. 

church-website-ideasYour church website is the best way for you to connect with new visitors! This is because people “Google” everything these days. Therefore, it is likely that someone looking for a church will first look for its website. In fact, statistics suggest that 46% of churchgoers check out church websites when deciding which church to pick.

Therefore, it is vital that your website gives such visitors all the information they are looking for. Moreover, your website needs to present all these details in the most convenient way possible especially when it only has 7 seconds to convince people to stay on it.

Here are the eight key bits of information that every visitor will look for on your church website:


Is the drive to church too long from our home? Does the church service start too early for our children?

These are some of the common questions that any family would ask before choosing a church. Therefore, make information such as location and service timings instantly available on your website.

In fact, you could go a step further and embed a map with your exact location on the website. This will be particularly helpful to those who are new to the city.


Will I fit in? Will this church understand me? Will it help me grow?

These are the kind of questions a first-time visitor would ask when considering a church. The ‘I’m New’ section will help such guests decide if your church is the right home for them.

Use this section to warmly welcome your visitors. Don’t just write about what visitors can expect at a typical Sunday service. Rather, show them a glimpse of church life through the images and videos on your website.

Remember that your website needs to greet guests in the same manner as your ushers would! Therefore, make sure that this section truly represents the warm and welcoming nature of your church. Take a look at how Berlin Connect welcomes their first-time guests on their website here.


What is the leadership team like in this church? Is this church deeply invested in the lives of the congregation?

Your pastor(s) plays a huge role in the lives of every congregant. After all, he or she is responsible for the spiritual health of each church member. Therefore, it is no surprise that visitors look for information about the pastor and the leadership team while choosing a home church.

In addition, introducing your leadership team on the website helps visitors spot familiar faces in your church. This makes them feel more comfortable and at ease on their first visit.


Which direction is this church headed in?

If you think that the vision statement of your church is only needed for paperwork, think again! Your vision represents what your church stands for. When you share your vision, you invite others to be a part of what God is building in your church.

Plus, your vision speaks volumes about the leadership in your church. In the words of Theodore Hesburgh, the very essence of leadership is that you have a vision”. Hence, remember to highlight your vision statement wherever possible, including on your website.


What kind of teaching can I expect from this church? Is it theology-oriented or mission-oriented?

People like to be well-informed before they make any important decision. And, choosing a God-centered church to call home is a key one! It’s no surprise that people looking for a church are keen to know about its statement of belief before they decide to join it.

Moreover, considering the wide range of denominations out there, it’s a good practice to clearly mention your church’s statement of belief.


What is the kind of church life I can expect in this church?

What better way to highlight your church life than to showcase your events and programmes? Weekly Bible studies, home groups and outreach trips – a calendar of events is a perfect way to list all these church events.

Remember that your church calendar need not be a plain and boring one. For example, check out how Risen Church uses images for its calendar here. Bellevue Presbyterian Church, on the other hand, uses a unique drop-down approach.


How can I get involved in the church activities? What role does the church play in
the community?

A church’s ministries are a reflection of how it reaches out to and impacts the city. Therefore, any visitor would like to know how your church is plugged into the community. So, use this section to highlight the different ways in which your church serves and contributes to the community.

More importantly, present this section in a way that invites the visitor to be part of a family, rather than just be a guest on a Sunday. Take a look at how NorthStar Church presents its ministries here.


What is the story behind this church?

Joining a church is like becoming a part of a family! For many, the knowledge of the church’s background is a key factor in making the decision to join its family.

For example, you could share stories of how your church started in a home or a coffee shop. Photos or video clips from your earlier days would help you connect with your visitors on a personal note. Check out how Arise Church showcases its story here.

Your website is the virtual front door of your church. Hence, it is imperative that your website welcomes people into your sanctuary. This can only be done if it gives the visitors the exact information they are looking for.

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