Why Your Church Website Needs a Good Design

in Websites / 30 May 2016

While great content is crucial for any website, it will not achieve much without a good design that complements it. You need both the website design and content to work in harmony in order to get results. Continue reading to learn why it’s important for your church website to have a well-thought-out design.

church-website-design-ideasA church website is not meant to be a dumping ground of information, but the first point of contact with your church. In fact, an effective church website is one that draws first-time visitors to your church. Here’s how a good design can help your church website yield great results:


Your church website can have a variety of goals, be it to invite newcomers to your church service and events, raise funds for your next mission trip or build a contact base of potential churchgoers. A good design can help your website achieve all these goals. For example, the home page of hillsong.com has been designed to achieve specific goals for the church:

Section 1- ‘We believe in Jesus’
Goal – Sharing their belief with both Christians and non-Christians

Section 2 – Brief statement of faith + CTA
Goal – Inviting people to attend a service by highlighting a call-to-action that leads them to choose a convenient service timing and location

Section 3 – the Sisterhood – A new book from Bobbie Houston + CTA
Goal – Promoting the book and prompting people to order their copy

Section 4 – Music – The sound of our worship + CTA
Goal –  Telling people that music is a big part of the church and encouraging them to explore the albums

Section 5 – Hillsong Collected – Our Blog + CTA
Goal – Leading visitors to read their collection of blog posts and prompting them to sign up

Section 6 – Conferences & Events + CTA
Goal – Telling visitors that events are an important part of the church and allowing them to explore these events with a click of a button

Section 7 – Hillsong College + CTA
Goal – Creating awareness about Hillsong College and encouraging visitors to explore the institute

Section 8 – Brian Houston TV + CTA
Goal – Sharing pulpit messages with online visitors in the hope of inviting them to
a service

Section 9 – Because we can (donations) + CTA
Goal – Inspiring people to give towards missions via a ‘give’ section towards the end of the website

Section 10 – Global locations + CTA
Goal – Encouraging global visitors to join a fellowship near them

This website highlights 10 sections with 10 different goals on ONE page, all in a crisp and seamless manner. How did it do that? With the help of a well-planned design! Would these sections have the same impact in a cluttered layout? Probably not!


Did you know that people form a subconscious opinion about a website even before they read its content? With an appealing design, you will not only capture the attention of the user, but also motivate him or her to explore the entire website.

With big brands raising the standard of website quality and design, we have all been conditioned to see impressive websites. If your church website wants to capture people’s attention, it has to be at par with the others. Especially since a website has only 7 seconds to grasp the user’s attention! Thankfully, an exceptional design can achieve that for you.

Give elements like the colour scheme, fonts, spacing, alignment etc., their due importance. Moreover, make sure that every aspect of the design caters for your target audience. Hillsong.com, for example, is clearly designed to attract contemporary thinkers.

However, there is always the danger of going overboard in your attempt to impress. You might end up adding unnecessary special effects, using too many loud colours or choosing a crowded layout. These pitfalls can cost you visitors unless you take the necessary steps to avoid these errors.

Is your church website making the right first impression?


Your website can only be successful if it ensures a good user experience. Did you know that visitors will leave your website within 3 seconds if they don’t find the information that they’re looking for? Seamless navigation will help your church website avoid this situation.

An easy way to ensure a good flow of information is to convey one thing at a time. The overall home page of hillsong.com, for example, highlights 10 different elements. However, each section features only one aspect, prompting just one call-to-action.

What’s more, every section is arranged in a sequence that makes sense to visitors – both Christians and non-Christians. This ensures a clear line of thought, enabling easy and enjoyable browsing. In fact, you can give your visitors a hassle-free experience by highlighting these 10 crucial elements on your website.

Is your website leading people to explore each page in an intuitive manner?

We can’t say it enough – good design is essential for the success of your website! It not only complements good content, but also helps your website achieve its goals. Therefore, if you’re either revamping your website or building one from scratch, remember to hire a professional designer to create a well-planned design.

If you’re looking to build a brand new website, take a few minutes to read about the five tools that can help you build an attractive website in the easiest way possible.

You may also want to take a look at what your church website should not do! Our e-book – 50 Common Mistakes on Church Websites – will help your website avoid 50 online transgressions. Download your FREE copy below.

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