6 Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Your Church E-Newsletters

in Communication / 11 Jun 2018

Your church’s digital newsletters serve a greater purpose than just providing information to your church members. In fact, they can also help you engage with your congregation and build a relationship with them.

Are your church’s e-newsletters helping you cultivate a healthy church culture? Do your church members look forward to your e-mail updates? If not, then it’s time to examine what you might be doing wrong.

In this blog post, we have compiled six common mistakes that churches make with their e-newsletters. Continue reading to find out what those mistakes are and what you can do to avoid them:


Nobody likes to read recycled content. In order to hold the interest of your readers, you need to keep your content fresh, well-structured and engaging at all times.

So, how can you keep your content fresh and engaging? Well, one way to do that is to make sure that the core of your e-newsletter is not the same as the previous ones that you sent out. 

You can also consider rotating the type of newsletters that you send out. This way you can surprise your readers with something new and exciting. For example, you could dedicate one newsletter to inspiring testimonies from your church members. The next one could focus on the upcoming plans for your youth ministry.


Are your e-newsletters informing your readers? Do your readers feel more connected to your church when they read your newsletters?

These are some questions you need to ask yourselves while creating your church’s e-newsletters. Your newsletters will only make a difference if they offer value to your readers. For example, a calendar of events in your e-newsletters would keep your church members updated about the latest church activities.


Your e-newsletters are a means to help you build relationships with your readers. And, this can only be achieved if you engage with them. Therefore, apart from being informative, your e-newsletters should also be interactive. 

Make sure that you write your content in a friendly and conversational manner. Remember that your newsletters don’t always have to be sombre. Consider adding a little humour in your e-mails, using images and videos, and sharing inspiring testimonies of your church members.

Most importantly, choose a good-looking template to add personality to your e-newsletters. Here are six online tools that can help you create attractive designs for all your church’s communication needs.


Lengthy e-mails can be a big turn off, especially since most people view e-mails on their mobile devices. Moreover, if your e-mails are unnecessarily long, you will end up wasting your readers’ precious time.

Therefore, it is important that you convey your message in a neat and concise manner. One way you can do that is by breaking up your content into headings followed by short paragraphs that are easy to read on different devices.


One of the biggest mistakes that churches make is to address only a particular group or the vocal minority in their newsletters. Your church’s newsletters are for the benefit of all your church members. Therefore, avoid sharing information that is only relevant to a small group of people.

Instead, identify the pulse of your church and create content that all your church members can relate to. For example, you can talk about your church’s plans for the future. By doing so, you will not only invite your church to join you on the journey, but also get them excited about the way forward.


Getting feedback is the most credible way to gauge the effectiveness of your e-newsletters. Sadly, that’s something most churches fail to do. When you ask for feedback from your church members, you show them that you actually care about their opinion. Doing so will also help you build a healthy church culture.

Your church newsletters can help you strengthen your relationship with your congregation and make a difference in their lives. Make the most of this communication tool by avoiding the common mistakes discussed above.

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