6 Ways to Boost Attendance at Your Church Events

in Social Media / 02 Apr 2018

Your church events are a great way to invite new people to your fellowship. Whether it is a music concert or an Easter programme, such events have more potential than Sunday services to bring in first-time visitors. So, how can you increase the footfall at your next church event?    

Well, you can boost attendance by promoting your event on Facebook. Yes, this powerful social media platform will help you reach your entire congregation and its network – at the click of a button! Keep reading to learn how you can go about it.


You can promote your next event by creating an exclusive event page on Facebook. Your event page will streamline promotions, help you to interact with your audience and make it easy to share event details, such as location, timings and tickets.

Through your event page, you will also be able to see how many people are attending or interested in your event. These are helpful insights that posters and flyers won’t be able to give you.


The next step is to populate your event page with eye-catching promos and posters. The key is to continuously dish out relevant posts, whether videos or images, to attract your audience. Click here to see how Live Jam used this video to promote their Break Free Tour 2015.

To get maximum traction, you need to keep the content crisp, relevant and catchy. You also need to make sure that your posters have a professional look. You can try any of these six tools to create attractive designs for your events.


Did you know that your Facebook posts reach only 2-5% of the number of people who ‘like’ your page? However, with the help of the boost your post/event feature, you can reach more people within your circle.

Targeted ads, on the other hand, will help you to connect with people beyond your present audience. You can even customise the audience for each event to target the right people. Why not use targeted ads to promote your next church event?

Want to learn more about creating Facebook ads? Take a look at this beginners’ guide to creating ads by Hubspot.


Don’t restrict your promotional efforts to Facebook only. Go a step further and add a link to your event page on all your other communication channels, including your website and other social media platforms.

You can also share your event link in your next e-newsletter or forward it to all your contacts on WhatsApp. Remember to invite your followers on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Cross-promoting in this way will direct all the traffic to your event page on Facebook, which will ultimately help in streamlining your promotional efforts.


Studies show that people are more likely to share updates from an event when they are aware of the given hashtag. So, create an official hashtag and promote it as much as possible, before and during the event.

Facebook uses hashtags efficiently for local promotions. It filters hashtags to pull up data from within your vicinity. So, if your guests use your event’s official hashtag, it is very likely that your event will feature in the relevant search result.

Remember that a memorable hashtag needs to be both unique and easy to remember. For example, Elevation Church used #EasterAtElevation to promote its Easter service rather than a generic hashtag such as #EasterService. So, what hashtag will you use for your next church event?


The Facebook Live feature allows you to live stream your events. This is a great way to show how church events can be vibrant and lively, especially since many people aren’t aware of what church is like. And who knows, your live videos may motivate new people to join your next event!

Promoting events is just one of the many ways you can use Facebook to connect with more people. Is your church active on Facebook or any other social media channel? If not, we hope that these five good reasons for churches to use social media will change your mind.

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