10 Practical Resources to Level Up Your Children’s Ministry

in Technology / 02 Jul 2018

Are you looking for the right resources and tools for your children’s ministry? With so many options available these days, finding the right resources for your kids’ ministry can be a challenge. Well, that need not be the case for you because we’re here to help you narrow the search!

In this blog post, we have shortlisted 10 top resources that will boost the children’s ministry in your church. Find out how and why these resources are perfect for your Sunday school needs: 


A ministry of Life.Church, LifeKids has excellent resources that have been specially developed for children’s ministry. Take a look at what LifeKids can offer you:

  • Provides curated material for children of all ages
  • Offers curriculum, videos, songs and take-home packets
  • Provides resources for leadership training
  • Makes all its high-quality material available to you for free

That’s not all! There’s a whole lot of resources to explore at LifeKids. So, go ahead and check them out right here.


If you’re looking for resources that you can customise for your Sunday school, look no further! Group’s children’s ministry resources have been created to fit every Sunday school culture. Let’s see what Group’s resources bring to the table:

  • Offers creatively designed curriculum for different age groups
  • Presents reading plans, such as FaithWeaver, that involves the entire family
  • Automatically adjusts to suit your unique children’s ministry culture
  • Provides ‘Mini-Kits’, which are trial versions of its various curricula

What’s more, these resources will help Sunday school teachers teach just as Jesus taught. If Group’s offerings appeal to you, you can explore all their resources here.


Awana has been equipping churches around the world to develop life-long disciples of Christ. Awana firmly believes that the greatest impact for Christ starts with the kids who know, love and serve Him. Let’s take a look at what Awana has to offer:

  • Presents an age-wise classification of curricula called the Awana Clubs
  • Packs each curriculum with games, helpful tips, themes and training material
  • Includes ideas, resources and instructions for the different clubs
  • Offers the Gospel Message App to help you easily explain the Gospel to kids

Given these features, it’s not surprising that Awana is popular among children’s ministries the world over. Want to know more? Browse Awana’s material here.

4. MAX 7

With a wide range of ministry-related resources, Max 7 is a one-stop shop that has something for everyone. Here’s what Max 7 has in store for your kids’ ministry:

  • Comes in more than 50 languages, including Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam
  • Provides material for lessons, club programmes and camps
  • Includes links to articles, activities and audio-visual files
  • Caters for every age group as well as for children with special needs

Browse through Max 7’s directory of resources and find the ones best suited for your Sunday school requirements.


If you are looking to connect with other like-minded kids’ ministry teachers and leaders, CMConnect is the ideal platform for you. Take a look at what makes the CMConnect platform so special:

  • Plugs you into free discussion forums with other like-minded ministry leaders
  • Supports ministry leaders with relevant and critical training and resources
  • Broadcasts a weekly podcast to keep you up to date with global kids’ ministries

Are you looking to network and connect with other children’s ministers? If so, this is the place to start. Click here to learn more about CMConnect.


The award-winning resource bank for churches, ShareFaith brings its power-packed curriculum to your Sunday school meetings. Let’s see why over 12,000 Sunday school teachers are raving about this new curriculum:

  • Uses videos to grab children’s attention instantly
  • Comes with a teacher’s guide, lesson overviews and printable activities
  • Offers lessons that focus on true Gospel outreach
  • Integrated with the cloud to give you access to all the material on any device

This exciting curriculum can be yours today! Sign up and get ready to do Sunday school like never before. Browse ShareFaith Kids’ Sunday School curriculum here.


True to its name, Discipleland is a realm loaded with useful resources to help you be better disciples and raise new ones. This unique resource bank has tons of material to bless each aspect of your kids’ ministry. Let’s see why Discipleland could be the right choice for your ministry:

  • Offers training tools that include webinars and teacher training videos
  • Provides plans that are not time bound
  • Presents carefully curated curricula for all age groups
  • Provides discipleship tools for parents

Find everything related to children’s ministry under one roof at Discipleland. Browse the sea of resources here.


One of the oldest curricula around, Bible-in-Life has been bringing generations together with its comprehensive catalogue of flexible materials. If you’re looking for a syllabus that is not denomination-specific, Bible-in-Life is the tool for you! Let’s see what Bible-in-Life has to offer:

  • Includes a ‘Bible Readiness’ section to prepare kids for the day’s lesson
  • Engages children with insightful questions
  • Gives access to tools and articles for a deeper understanding of the lessons
  • Offers its first three lessons for free

Bible-in-Life has much more to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out Bible-in-Life here.

9. RIO

Rio is one more fantastic resource from the repertoire of David C. Cook. Rio’s curriculum is built around the belief that teaching children is a lot more effective when parents are involved. Check out some of Rio’s awesome features:

  • Is a family-friendly digital curriculum
  • Offers easy-to-understand weekly lessons
  • Caters for kids of all ages, from toddlers to preteens
  • Includes multi-media resources

Are you wondering if this curriculum is the right one for your children’s ministry? Try out these sample lessons to find out.


A favourite among families the world over, the Bible App for Kids has been created by Life.Church’s YouVersion and OneHope, a global kids’ ministry. Here are some features that the Bible App for Kids offers:

  • Provides a free 2-year curriculum
  • Includes a bundle of videos, colouring sheets and stories from the app
  • Offers free downloadables including songs, story cards and other visuals
  • Comes with training videos for teachers

That’s not all! The Bible App for Kids also engages parents to help reinforce the lessons that the kids learn in Sunday school. So, check out all the free resources that this app offers for your children’s ministry.

We hope that this list helps you choose the right resource for your children’s ministry. Do you know of any other kids’ ministry resource that can help the Sunday school teachers at your church?

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